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Phone: 713-557-2868
Q: Why should I consider your service at this time?
A: PCD offers the convenience of coming to your office, clinic or practice location. Your patients will appreciate not having to leave your office and go to a laboratory in order to get their ultrasound exam.
Q: How will your service help my practice revenue?
A: By offering an in-house ultrasound service you will not lose a portion of your practice income by referring your patients out. Now you can offer certain ancillary services in your office, thereby keeping that revenue in your own practice. Remember, that every time you order an echocardiogram, vascular or general ultrasound exam and send your patient somewhere else, you are losing potential income.
Q: What advantages can PCD provide to my patients?
A: Your patients will no longer need to leave your practice and make an appointment at a laboratory at another location to have their ultrasound exam done. They will appreciate the convenience of being able to have their testing done there in your office and may even recommend your practice to their friends and family because of its ease and convenience. Patients tend to place more confidence in a doctor or hospital that has state-of-the-art equipment. When a patient must leave the familiarity of your office and be seen by strangers, it can often cause unwanted stress and anxiety.
Q: Who is the ideal physician or facilities who would normally use your services?
A: Any doctor's office, any health care rehab's and institutions who are currently sending his or her patients to a laboratory for their ultrasound exams would be a potential candidate for the services of PCD. Also facilities who have an existing mobile company can switch to our service for prompt quality service and better rates. Doctors who sign up for our service can significantly increase their revenue.
Q: How does your company differ from other providers?
A: One of the major ways that PCD, sets itself apart from other providers is by offering excellent service at competitive prices. Unlike most other mobile companies, our Sonographer's are certified in all ultrasound modalities and deliver precision results. We are dedicated to providing our clients with extraordinary service and affordable prices.
Q. Who reads the ultrasound exams?
A: We allow you to select any qualified physician to read your studies. If you do not have a reading physician in mind, we can provide you with our experienced board certified cardiologist and radiologist to interpret your studies.
Q. What does your company charge and what is included in those charges?
A: PCD provides a high quality ultrasound service at a truly unbeatable price. We provide the equipment as needed, technicians and necessary patient supplies. Call or fill out our contact form to further discuss pricing and possibly setting up a consultation.
Q. When can I start?
A: Call today to discuss your in-house ultrasound testing needs. We can tailor our services to suit your requirements. Once we have agreed upon contract terms and conditions, we can start immediately.
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